Regular followers of this blog know that I have penned a novel entitled A Wretched Man, a novel of Paul the apostle.  For those who didn’t know this but are interested, you can click on the Wretched Man tab above for prior postings about the novel.

Here are abbreviated versions of the advance reviews we have received:

a stunning fictional account of the early church…the most authentically historical novel ever written about the lives of the apostles…presents the apostles as real flesh and blood human beings…this is a story that will both shock and inspire any Christian who is truly searching to find and follow the historical Jesus.

From review by Professor Jeffrey Butz

a powerful recreation of the world of Paul, James and Peter that pulls no punches…highly readable novel, based on contemporary scholarship…Paul comes alive as a complex individual…this book opens up the reality of the world of Paul and his contemporaries in a way no other work does…real individuals, with passions and agendas, step on to the world stage.

From review by Professor Barrie Wilson

a compelling exploration of the Jewish and Gentile movements in the first century…A Wretched Man will help you to imagine your way into Paul’s life and times…Holmen definitely captures the “feel” of first-century Roman territories…well-versed in contemporary progressive scholarship about Paul…these characters leap off the page and into our imaginations.

From review by Christian education consultant Tim Gossett

In meetings with my publisher last week, March 1st was set as the official release date although the actual date when copies are available may vary by a few days.  We also discussed the process of becoming listed with Amazon and Barnes and Noble for online purchasers.  For the past month or more, I have been working with the publisher’s web designers, and a robust website should soon be functional, which will include ecommerce capability for purchase directly without a middleman.

Of course, we will do traditional marketing as well, including book signings/readings.  The publicist is beginning to set these up, but if any local followers of this blog want to contact me directly to arrange an event, feel free to do so: obie (dot) holmen (@) gmail (dot) com.