My friend Susan Hogan has quoted a very lengthy letter in her blog, Pretty Good Lutherans.  Go and read it.  It is a pastoral letter from Pastor Eric Lemonholm to his congregation at Grace Lutheran Church of Detroit Lakes, Mn on the eve of its vote to withdraw from the ELCA.

I believe that it would be a serious mistake for Grace to leave the ELCA, and I urge you to prayerfully consider voting “No” on December 20. Let me tell you why.

That sums up his position, and he goes to great lengths to support it. It’s a sound and well reasoned letter and worth ten minutes to read it and much more to reflect on his wisdom.


Apparently, the pastoral letter helped: the final vote yesterday was 98 to stay ELCA and 42 to leave.  The 40% vote to leave fell far, far short of the 2/3 majority necessary to pass the resolution.

Good luck to Pastor Lemonholm and the congregants of Grace as they now begin the process of healing.