The April newsletter from Lutheran CORE is out.  The eleven page missive contains two pages trumpeting their August Convocation and nine pages bashing the ELCA.  Surprise, surprise, they persist in charging the rest of us with error, heresy, and apostasy.  Indeed, their theologian du jure claims that the ELCA is now directly challenging the authority of God.

In previous posts about the ELCA Church Council meeting earlier this month, commenters wondered why ELM representatives were allowed to be present but not CORE folks.  Turns out CORE supporters were there and a couple offered their perspectives in the CORE newsletter.  Interestingly but apropos of nothing, both mentioned the great views from the ELCA offices in Chicago.

The WordAlone Network held their annual meeting recently, and their big order of business was rebranding themselves as WordAlone Ministries and proclaiming a “New Day”.  WordAlone president Jaynan Clark apparently offered an emotional plea of repentence, falling to her knees during her keynote sermon, begging forgiveness “for anything WordAlone failed to do that the Lord called it to do in the past 10 years.”  Can I hear an amen?  Why do Matt 6:1-8 and a blubbering Jimmy Swaggert come to mind? 

The LCMC leadership conference in Omaha is underway right now.  More later.