According to a list posted on the Lutheran CORE website, 117 ELCA congregations have joined Lutheran Core to date.  That means over 10,000 ELCA congregations haven’t joined CORE.

Just a bit of perspective.


Oops.  Turns out I had the number wrong.  Seems that Urland Lutheran Church, of Cannon Falls, which is pretty near my stomping grounds in Northfield, Mn, is one of the 117 congregations listed on the CORE website, but they want off and CORE won’t let them. 

An article in The Minnesota Independent has the story:

A Minnesota pastor says his church is incorrectly listed on the website of a conservative splinter group that’s breaking away from the Evangelical Church in America (ELCA) over the church’s recent votes on homosexuality, but that group is refusing to rectify the error.

Pastor Arthur Sharot of Urland Lutheran Church in Cannon Falls has asked Lutheran CORE to remove his church’s name from the group’s CORE Congregations page — a list of churches that support its “Common Confession” — but Lutheran CORE says Sharot’s congregation must take a vote in order to get its name removed.

CORE’s position is that years ago Urland, before the arrival of pastor Sharot, joined a group called Lutheran Churches of the Common Confession, which later merged into Lutheran CORE, unbeknownst to Urland.  Even a call from the Congregational Council chairman couldn’t convince CORE to remove Urland from its list.  The news article contained the following:

Lutheran CORE’s own founding and connections show that it is more controversial than first appearances reveal. In 2008, Chavez became the director of Lutheran CORE and before that he was director of WordAlone, a group that spawned CORE. WordAlone believes the ELCA is losing its “Christ-centered focus,” in part because of “the push for approval of sexual relationships outside of marriage.” Chavez is currently the vice president of WordAlone, which shares an office with Lutheran CORE in New Brighton.

“WordAlone holds some controversial views about homosexuality,” says the news article, which then lists a number of the controversial views of WordAlone gleaned from the WordAlone website, including:

  • Reparative therapy works
  • Homosexuals are inherently promiscuous
  • Homosexuals actively recruit
  • Children of same-sex couples are more likely to be gay
  • A personal relationship with Jesus will help break demonic strongholds

Flat earth society, where are you?