twitter_logo_header Through the Twitter use of #hashtags, it is possible to follow all Tweets that address issues of interest to an ELCA person.  The hashtag is simply #ELCA.  As I write this, a quick scan of a Twitter #ELCA search reveals first page results about Presiding Bishop Hanson speaking to the gathering of Anglicans in England, several links to a Lutheran Magazine article about hospitality (“The meaning of hospitality: It’s more than food and a comfy bed. It is about standing side-by-side with someone you may not agree with, may not understand, or don’t even like.”), and miscellaneous links to articles regarding ecumenism, migration, calendar of events, etc.

Some of the same articles appear with a search of the hashtag #Lutheran, but with a broader scope of Lutheranism to include LCMS items, Lutheran World Relief (LWF), and a few links to Lutheran theological articles.

Lovin the Lutherans Facebook promotes participation in interest groups, and a couple that I belong to include my local synod and a rapidly expanding new group called “Lovin the Lutheran Church” with a motto of “Proud to be Lutherans in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.”  Facebook is not the place for an in depth discussion of an issue, but it can provide a quick link to news articles or blog posts.  Facebook is for short comments and equally brief responses.  The most recent comment as I post this is “A majority, but not 2/3, of Good Shepherd, Monroeville, PA, members vote to leave the ELCA. Congregation will remain, but is deeply divided,” and the comment also provides a link to a newspaper article.  In less than 24 hours, this comment has received 23 replies.