Canadian walleyeSorry for the lack of activity these past few days.  I was finishing my novel manuscript to get it to the publisher, and this morning I head to Ontario for a fishing trip.  I’ll be back on Tuesday the 16th.  Here’s a photo from last year.

Eleven veterans and one newbie camped on a remote island of Rainy Lake for four nights (Brule Narrows). The traditional refrain has been: fish, eat, sleep. We realized we needed to add a fourth to that list: smoke cigars.

Walleye fishing was extremely spotty – very hot or very cold. Between four boats, we boated over 300 walleyes with about 80% of those too large for the 17.5″ max according to Canadian regulations. The largest was a shade over 25″ with a median of 20-21″ (3-3.5 lbs).

The largest northern pike was around 39″ (16.5 lbs).