I’m ready to vote now in the Minnesota election for governor, aided by a helpful piece of campaign literature. 

In today’s mail I received a flyer entitled, “Voter’s Guide for Serious Catholics”.  “Serious” is an interesting choice of adjectives.  I have some very good Catholic friends, organizers of the recent Synod of the Baptized, and they certainly are serious about their faith and their Catholic tradition; yet, I don’t think they are the folks this flyer has in mind.  In fact, they’re probably too serious and thus not likely to be easily persuaded to vote according to marching orders.  I suspect  that “serious” in the flyer is a euphemism for “good”, “real”, or “true”.  Or, to put a finer point on it, if you don’t vote for this flyer’s endorsed candidate then you’re “bad”, “not a real” Catholic, or a “false” Catholic.

In the midst of the Great Recession, certainly the flyer would offer some insight into the economic policies of the candidates.  Or, the candidate views on health care.  Or, education.  Or, …?  Certainly there are “serious” (there’s that word again) issues to be debated, and if this “real” Catholic organization truly wants to inform the electorate, perhaps just a word or two about “serious” issues, but no, nary a peep.

But, they’re expanding.  The folks behind this flyer used to be called “single issue”, and that issue was abortion.  It’s still abortion, but now they have added a second: “protection of marriage”.  I guess they’re branching out, but on both issues they would seek to impose their will on the sexual behavior of others.  Through government intrusion.

If you’re interested, the flyer was prepared and paid for by the National Organization for Marriage and the Minnesota Family Council.  And their preferred candidate?  Republican Tom Emmer.

I’ll be voting for Democrat Mark Dayton.