Continuing the theme of whether you, your congregation, or your denomination is part of the problem or part of the solution, here is a quote from Dr R. Albert Mohler, the president of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary:

The homosexual community will argue that these boys were oppressed by the fact that so many believe that homosexuality is sinful. They respond with calls for the acceptance and normalization of homosexuality. Their logic is easy to understand. If the stigma attached to homosexuality were to disappear, persons who are convinced that they are homosexual in sexual orientation, along with those who are confused, would be free from bullying, the threat of exposure, and injury to their parents and loved ones.

Of course, Christians committed to biblical truth will recognize this as a demand to lie to sinners about their sin. The church cannot change its understanding of the sinfulness of homosexual acts unless it willfully disobeys the Scripture and rejects the authority of the Bible to reveal the truth about sin and sinfulness.”

What do you think?  Are the ELCA gay-friendly policies “a demand to lie to sinners about their sin,” as Mohler suggests?  Although perhaps not as brazen as Mohler’s words, do not the policies of LCMC, Wordalone, and CORE sound the same message?  Is there no way round such Biblical rigidity?  How will that message be received by the kids in the pews?  Will some feel threatened?  Their angst deepened?  Will others feel enabled to bully by the words of their pastor, their parents, their elders, or the policies of their congregation?