I just received the latest email from the office of the ELCA secretary.  The numbers show a definite decrease in activity in December, probably reflecting the holiday season.  Bottom line: through the end of 2010, a total of 353 congregations had voted twice to sever ties with the ELCA (as required by constitution).  Out of 10,500 or so.

Here is the email:

Here’s the update on congregations that have taken votes to leave the ELCA.  As of 1/6/11, 686 congregations had taken first votes to leave the ELCA.  These 686 congregations have taken a total of 726 first votes.  (The greater number reflects that some congregations have taken multiple first votes.)  Of the first votes taken, 504 passed and 222 failed.  351 congregations have taken second votes (and two congregations have taken two second votes!)  Of the total of 353 second votes; 334 passed and 19 failed.