Emmett L Mulroney’s story: 1st Brigade, 4th Infantry Division LRRPs

My last mission..July 19, 1969..Team leader Wallace Thibodeau and Team member Dennis Belonger…Killed in action. Team member Emmett Mulroney..Wounded in action on ground.. Rescue chopper with Commanding Officer William Filippini, Pilot Thomas Trebby and Crew Chief Door Gunner Clarence Veddar..Wounded in chopper in air. Team member Bob Thomas and myself boarded the chopper via a cable ladder then the chopper was shot down by a B40 rocket and we crashed..broke my neck and back in two places..The Air Force got us out with a jungle penetrater on a HH43 Husky helicopter…
Emmett also has a pair of photo montages on the video page.
What’s your story?  Send it in, and we will try to get it posted. Pictures and video also.

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  1. michael l cook says:

    was with the 1/4 lrp,s, 68/69, 5months ,caught malaria, went to cam ran bay, did 8 missions, team leader ,sgt michael foster, shot out of a tree in an khe, vc vally , trying to get radio contact,munoz wrote me and told me thibodean,ratman was killed, never thought he would get killed, he was a bad dude, also frank humes, would like to get in contact with any guys left out thier, I’ve got a lot of pictures.

    • Brad Gibbs says:

      I was in 1stBde HQ from 03/69-03/70. I was in S-2. Remember Thibodeau, ratman, and his really cool M-16 with short barrell and folding stock, and loaded with grenade launchers. I also remember him getting killed. It was a real bad thing. I don’t remember a lot of LRRPS because I was not one. Hey, it’s good to hear from someone from those days.

  2. Valentineo Ramirez says:

    I served with 1st brigate 4th inf. div. lrrps from about june 68 to jan 69 I can’t remember to many names anymore and i didn’t take to many pictures.
    i do remember ratman he was a great guy he went home before i rotated out
    all these years i never knew he went back and got kia

    • Robert Andrade says:

      Ramirez… Its Andrade..( Bob Andrade ) hope you remember me and Bill Buckley and Tex remember tex fell off the ladder and killed himself…that was a sad day…anyway whats goin on partner…just trippin on this site……TAKE CARE….BA

      • Peter Julian says:

        Bob, this is Peter Julian. We have been trying to get in touch with you. Having reunion June 16-22,2015. Hope you can make it.

  3. Ted Danyluk says:

    See the name a micheal foster team leader wonder if the same foster I served w/ at
    Lz Mary Lou 69-70?

  4. Clifton B. Sommer says:

    I served with the LRRP platoon of 3rd Bde/101st Abn. Officially it was the Recon & Security Plt/HHC/3rd Bde/101st Abn. We worked out of Camp Evans, about 30 klicks north of Hue. Our usual AO was the mountains west of the lowlands, from Rocket Ridge (first ridge line) to the A Shau, and occasionally beyond. It annoys me sometimes that some people don’t realize that lrrps continued to grow and progress beyond the establishment of the 75th Rangers. The 101st’s Ranger unit was L Co., based out of Camp Eagle, south of Hue. L Co. frequently took on jobs they weren’t originally tasked for, leaving a need for regular recon missions. As a result, lower level units established LRRP units as well. When I was in C Co./1/506th, E Co/1/506th had a recon platoon that considered themselves lrrps, and indeed functioned in exactly the same manner and under the same conditions. I don’t know if each batalion and brigade of the 101st was organized the same, but I suspect they were. The lowest level of missions was tasked by the battalion, the next level by brigade, and the highest (Rangers) by division.

  5. gil light says:

    looking to find valentineo ramirez i wenton missons with you my name is gil light i live in cottonwood calif. e mail me at gslight@juno.com

  6. Bruce Finnie (CW2) says:

    I flew for 4th infantry HQ An Kae / 1970 /with lurps as primary mission/ ya’ll put us in some deep shit / never a dull day / good memories / 4/70 flipped a huey upside down over 6 foot stumps in a bomb crater switching out a 13 man lurp listening team/ all got out with some minor injuries / compressor on the turbine failed/ ya’ll were one of the 1st special ops teams / very effective/ proud to have served with you.

  7. Darlene Kanyo says:

    My husband, Stephen J. Kanyo knew Ratman, Steve served 4th infantry, 1st brigade, did go out with llerps a few times. He was in Vietnam, 1968, 69 and 70 in Pleiku, Dac to. Interested in pictures and anyone that knew him, he was called Swamp Angel.

  8. Ron says:

    I’m looking for anyone who remembers Lt Ron Kielpikowski who served with E Company 1/14 in 1969. Ron was killed on 28 Feb 1969.

  9. Dennis Price says:

    Emmett remember this well. Was in chopper that came in and got Dennis and Ratman’s body. Long time ago. Still remember.

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