Calvin Coolidge 1920’s President, silent Calvin Coolidge, was a man of few words.  When he returned from church alone one Sunday, his wife asked him what the sermon was about. 

“Sin,” silent Cal replied. 

His wife pressed him for more.  “Well, what did he say about sin?” she asked. 

“He was agin it.”

That pretty much summed up the essence of the sermon, and the same can be said of Lutheran CORE.  What is CORE all about?

They’re agin it, and the “it” is the perceived sin of their bogeyman, the ELCA.

The Lutheran CORE March newsletter was out on the 17th.  Seems they could have waited a few days and called it the April issue.  The newsletter contains eleven articles, and four of them are about Lutheran CORE while the point of the other seven is to criticize the ELCA.

What do they say about a group best defined by what it is against?