Last week I blogged about Lutheran Core “Education Director” Steven King offering legal advice to congregations considering a vote to depart the ELCA.  He continued as a “clubhouse lawyer” in his post yesterday.

The term “clubhouse lawyer” is a sports metaphor for an athlete griping, sniping, agitating, whining, and generally disagreeing with management in clubhouse chatter.  The metaphor fits Pr King’s blog post.  In essence, he is suggesting to those congregations that cannot obtain the necessary votes to depart the ELCA, that they nevertheless become a “thorn in the side” of the ELCA, and he offers a legal option to do so–while also resolving to withhold benevolence. 

Seems to be a lot of “whereases” and “therefores” in the ministry of Lutheran Core, but should that be surprising for a movement based on law and not gospel?