The long awaited and much ballyhooed Convocation of Lutheran CORE is underway in Grove City, Ohio.  At the Convocation, eighteen former ELCA congregations have banded together as charter members of the CORE created Lutheran denomination auspiciously called The North American Lutheran Church (NALC). 


Newly elected NALC bishop Paull Spring predicts the new denomination will soon grow to as many as two hundred congregations.  Even this optimistic view seems a far cry from “A Reconfiguration of North American Lutheranism”, yet the press release yesterday persisted in that hyperbole and added the prideful presumption that the actions of CORE were the Lord’s doing:

Our Lord’s reconfiguring of the Lutheran landscape not only in North America, but worldwide, is breathtaking and exciting.


Spring suggested that the ELCA gay friendly resolutions of a year ago were merely the tipping point, and it was the ELCA’s long term drift away from Scripture that is really the issue.  According to the Associated Press report on the Convocation and an interview with Bishop Spring,

He gave as an example the ELCA’s use of inclusive language that strips male references to God — such as “Father” and “Son” — replacing them with words like “Creator” and “Savior.”

Bishop Paull SpringDid he really say that?  Did he really claim that “Creator” is non-scriptural?  Did he really argue that “Savior” is non-scriptural?  The verses that prove the contrary are too numerous to list, but here are a couple of obvious examples.  Surely the recycled Bishop is familiar with Romans 1, perhaps the favorite “clobber passage” of those who would use Scripture to bash gays, where Paul nobly references “the Creator”.  And what about those favorites of churchly misogynists, the Pastoral Epistles–surely the Bishop knows these well?  How did he miss the numerous references there to the “Savior”?  What kind of Biblical parsing is the Bishop up to? 

In this case, at least, it would appear that the arrogance of Biblicism is matched by its incompetence.