A new ABC News/Washington Post poll shows support for marriage equality among Americans at an all-time high. According to the poll, 49 percent support same-sex marriage, while 46 percent oppose it. This is the first time supporters of same-sex marriage have outnumbered opponents in an ABC/Post poll.

Some key findings:

The poll found pronounced differences by age, with 66 percent of adults under 30 supporting same-sex marriage, 48 percent of adults between ages 30 to 64 supporting it, and only 28 percent of senior citizens in favor.

Support from conservatives, who remain least likely to favor same-sex marriage, increased threefold over five years, from 10 percent in 2004 to 30 percent now.

Polarization remains strong according to party affiliation, with conservative Republicans opposing same-sex marriage most strongly, and liberal Democrats favoring it most strongly.

Among the middle, the poll shows that 54 percent of moderates and 52 percent of independents favor same-sex marriage. However, the largest single shift is evident in moderate and conservative Democrats, where 57 percent support same-sex marriage now compared to 30 percent in 2006.

Additionally, 53 percent of respondents said that same-sex marriages performed legally in another state should be recognized in their states.

The poll was conducted by telephone from April 21-24 among a random sample of 1,072 adults. It surveyed attitudes on a range of questions including same-sex marriage, illegal immigration and decriminalization of marijuana. Results have a 3-point margin of error.

By Julie Bolcer on Advocate.com