The Alliance of Baptists is a movement of progressive Christians–individuals and congregations–seeking to respond to the continuing call of God in a rapidly changing world. The Alliance offers a clear voice for Christian freedom, distinctively Baptist and intentionally ecumenical in an interfaith world.

From its inception in early 1987, the Alliance has called Baptists to stand for those values which have distinguished the Baptist movement from its beginnings four centuries ago–the freedom and accountability of every individual in matters of faith; the freedom of each congregation under the authority of Jesus Christ to determine its own ministry and mission; and religious freedom for all in relationship to the state. Alliance members and churches mark our commitment to God and each other by the annual renewal of our uniquely Baptist founding covenant.

The Alliance is grounded in a story that still matters. Rooted in a noble tradition, our members and churches continue to respond in faith to the One who makes all things new. In addition to the historic Baptist principles, traditions and freedoms expressed in the Alliance covenant, the life of the Alliance today is increasingly shaped by:

§ A commitment to inclusiveness, each person valued as God’s beloved, uniquely gifted to reveal and enable God’s work in the world;

§ A respect for freedom, each voice affirmed as an expression essential to our gathered witness, whether lifted in agreement or dissent;

§ A devotion to discernment, each action crafted in the context of active listening and careful and deliberate thought, with a goal of lasting consensus;

§ A reverence for mystery, each Christian awed by the transcendence of God, open to being surprised by God, and humble enough to admit that she or he is not God;

§ A hunger and thirst for social justice, each believer called to do the transformative work of Christ in the compassionate spirit of Christ; and

A passion for partnership, modeled in how we do Alliance work together and in our relationships with other people of faith, each collaboration celebrated as an occasion for that spiritual synergy which grows from connecting God’s people with one another.

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