Rev. Clint Schnekloth (ELCA) Five stars on Amazon

“An incredible story, an incredible resource.”
“Holmen takes on a topic much discussed but seldom told in story with such care and attention.”
“This book is nothing less than magisterial.”
“Holmen does the church an incredible service by offering this book.”

Rev. Wesley White (UMC) Five stars on Amazon

As a recounting of events I have experienced in The United Methodist Church, “Queer Clergy” brought back many a deep sadness for faithful leaders lost, grief for grace held captive by church political power, and anger at intentional denial of our call to love one another, neighbors, and even enemies. Also recalled to mind were remembrances of joy for every small step forward. This history of queer clergy, no matter how long in the coming, identifies processes by which love has cast out fear and a great feast is laid for all.

Holmen has done an admirable job in both the depth and breadth of his presentation. This is a valuable book for all who are interested in the on-going work of the Holy Spirit in the church and as a resource in church libraries.

Amy H. (ELCA) Five stars on Amazon & and also on her blog, Diary of a Contemplative

This book is an invaluable contribution to the history of the mainline Protestant churches … This book should be required reading for anyone who is a part of these denominations, whether they consider themselves LGBTQ, an ally, or otherwise.

I am an ELCA clergy person who also identifies as queer, and this book literally moved me to tears several times.

For those who want an intelligent exploration of this history or who are on the fence about their convictions, hearing about how many faithful people have worked through these concerns and arrived at a conclusion of hospitality and acceptance, might just change the world.