Although I was registered with press credentials for the recent Call to Action (CTA) Conference in Milwaukee, I was not able to attend due to a family emergency.  However, my registration has opened my inbox to a wide array of items from the progressive branch of Catholicism.

For instance, I have learned of Roman Catholic Women Priests—not recognized by the Vatican, of course, but they are out there nevertheless, pushing against the patriarchal hierarchy that many find oppressive.

Roman Catholic Womenpriests (RCWP) is an international initiative within the Roman Catholic Church. The mission of Roman Catholic Womenpriests North America is to spiritually prepare, ordain, and support women and men from all states of life, who are theologically qualified, who are committed to an inclusive model of Church, and who are called by the Holy Spirit and their communities to minister within the Roman Catholic Church.

The Roman Catholic Womenpriests movement is an initiative within the Church that began with the ordination of seven women on the Danube River in 2002.  Reclaiming our ancient spiritual heritage, womenpriests are shaping a more inclusive, Christ-centered Church of equals in the twenty-first century.  Women bishops ordained in full apostolic succession continue to carry on the work of ordaining others in the Roman Catholic Church.  We advocate a new model of priestly ministry united with the people with whom we serve.  We are rooted in a response to Jesus who called women and men to be disciples and equals living the Gospel.

Bridget Mary was ordained into this communion in 2006, and she blogs.  Her post of November 10 reports on the CTA Conference where Womenpriests maintained a well received booth and exhibit.

The Roman Catholic Womenpriest Movement was well- represented at Call to Action Conference ( approximately 2000 attendees) in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on Nov. 5-7, 2009. RCWP had a booth in the exhibit hall. Here our members gave out our prayer for vocations and shared information about our growing movement. The response was heart-warming! Many Catholic leaders in the reform movement expressed support for our vision of a renewed priestly ministry.