This is a highly unscientific attempt to see what the readers of this blog think.  Actually, I am curious about the correlation between religious affiliation and political affiliation.  During a coffee shop discussion yesterday, I discussed American Grace: How Religion Divides and Unites Us with my friend Phil.  This book explores similar issues in depth and suggests there has been a change in America in the last generation in that various religious groups have become politically homogeneous.  That is, if one belongs to xyz denomination, then there is a strong probability that such a person also belongs to abc political party.  Such a strong correspondence between religious affiliation and political affiliation is a new phenomenon, according to this book.

This may be a flop due to small sample size, but let’s have a go of it.  If meaningful results are obtained, I will publish and we can have a discussion.  To increase sample size, please forward to your friends.


Guess what?  The readership of Spirit of a Liberal blog tends to be liberal.  That’s hardly shocking, but I am a bit surprised at how overwhelming that proved to be in this survey.  Here are key results:

76 % ELCA.  No other denomination had more than 3%

An even split between clergy and laity when seminarians were considered clergy.

63% Democrat, 31% independent, 6% Republican

67% male, 33% female

67% age 45 or older

Support gay clergy 80%, against gay clergy 11%, conflicted opinion 9%

Support marriage equality 76%, support civil unions but not right to marry, 19%, against both gay marriage and civil unions 3%, conflicted 2%

I think this last finding is the most revealing.  Even for those who said they were against gay clergy, 70% supported either gay marriage or civil unions.  Similarly, self-identified Republicans supported either gay marriage or civil unions by 80% to 20%.

Add a comment if you have more specific questions.  The poll remains open for now so go ahead and take the survey if you haven’t yet done so.