The Upper Iowa River conference of the Northeastern Iowa Synod has passed a resolution to be considered by the synod as a whole.  Here it is:

Whereas the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America is a constitutionally governed organization served by constitutionally elected leaders at both the synod and church wide levels, and

Whereas the stated purposes of the organization known as Lutheran CORE are to 1) bring forth a proposal for a new Lutheran church body governed by a new constitution for those who choose to leave the ELCA, and 2) to plan for the continuation of Lutheran CORE as a free-standing synod for all Lutherans, and

Whereas it is an inherent conflict of interest for individuals who are members of CORE to fully and wholeheartedly support the ELCA constitution,

Be it Resolved that: 1) all rostered and lay leaders who are members of CORE and are currently serving in elected positions in the NE Iowa Synod be required to resign from those positions, and that 2) all rostered and lay individuals currently holding membership in CORE be disqualified from election to positions of leadership within the NEIA Synod.

Lutherans Concerned North America (LCNA) is the primary LGBT advocacy group within the ELCA.  At first blush, one might expect LCNA to support this resolution; not so, LCNA emphatically opposes it:

Regardless of what sparked this resolution into existence, it is very un-Lutheran and should be rejected immediately as such. It certainly is nothing fostered or endorsed by Lutherans Concerned/North America.

What do you think?  Can Lutheran CORE persons, with their strong and often heated opposition to CWA09 resolutions, effectively serve in ELCA leadership positions?

 UPDATE:  I”m not entirely satisfied with the Memedex poll used originally in this post.  Thus, I have deleted it and substituted  a poll from a different third party located in the sidebar to the right.  Try that instead.  Polling results to date are 16 yes and 10 no.

UPDATE TWO:  Dissatisfied with the second third party poll, I have taken that one down as well.  FYI the vote was mostly split between the 50-60 respondents.