What did the ancient liturgies of the Hebrew temple sound like?  We have some likely lyrics of early Christian hymns, but what about the musical accompaniment?  These questions came up earlier today as my publisher began to create a “trailer” for my novel’s website consisting of images and background music evocative of the first century world of Paul.

The easy answer is that we don’t know much about the music of our Judeo-Christian ancestors.  But then we happened upon the website of Michael Levy (www.ancientlyre.com). Michael has recreated instruments that are likely quite similar to those used by temple musicians.  His website is replete with musical samplings that attempt to recreate the music of the first century and earlier, together with in depth historical background supporting his work.   He offers three albums of his musical recreations entitled, King David’s Lyre, Lyre of the Levites, and An Ancient Lyre.

Michael has graciously consented to allowing us to use his music for our “trailer”.  Check out his website and his music!