Some of you may be followers of my other blog, Spirit of a Liberal, a blog of progressive, religious themes.  That blog will continue, and this new blog will not relate to the often political discussions that take place over there; instead, this blog will focus on A Wretched Man novel, writing and publishing issues, and other literary themes.  To those regular followers, welcome.  To new folks here for the first time, welcome to you also.  All prior posts appearing here appeared first on Spirit of a Liberal.

Last week, I did some “shoe leather” marketing for the novel.  That is, I hit the streets, visiting a couple of the private liberal arts colleges of Minnesota.  I visited with a few professors of New Testament, and I am encouraged that my novel may become part of their assigned reading list for their fall term classes.  The novel is also stocked and available through their campus bookstores.

I also spent nearly an hour on the phone with my publicist.  Even though the novel was released early in March, the publicist is just gearing up for intensive marketing efforts.  One of the items discussed was our frustration that can’t keep the book in stock because of their policy of ordering limited quantities at the outset.  In the first month, Amazon’s website has said “out of stock, more on the way” most of the time.  I think they have ordered and reordered nearly half a dozen times.  While it’s nice to know there’s a demand out there, it would be better if Amazon would start ordering the book in greater quantities. 

By the way, for those of you who have already purchased the book, I would greatly appreciate a few kind words and a rating on and/or Barnes and Noble.  Tagging the book is also very helpful, especially when your tags are the same as others such as “christianity”, “apostle paul”, “biblical fiction”, “christian biographies-memoirs”, “christian fiction”, “historical biography”, “historical fiction”, “paul the apostle”,  and “religion”.  Sorry for the blatant self-promotion.