Jaynan Clark is the president of the WordAlone Ministries, and she has gone ballistic in an email to ELCA presiding bishop Mark Hanson, which she has made public.  The acerbic email is not an attempt at reasoned dialogue; instead, it is a personal attack on the ELCA leader.  Clark, who famously fell to her knees during her keynote sermon to the WordAlone annual convention to beg forgiveness for not doing enough to resist the ELCA, accused Hanson and the 65 synod bishops of strong armed tactics, and her sanctimony soared when she threatened Hanson with end times judgment:

I wonder if you will enjoy as much the final ‘stage’ at the end of time when you face your Lord.

After criticizing Hanson for issuing a statement about the Israeli shooting of ten volunteers aboard a blockaded ship, Clark then blasted Hanson’s recent meeting with African Lutheran leaders in which he attempted to calm their concerns over CWA09.  Clark warned the bishop to stop messing with the Africans’ demons, suggesting that for the Africans (and, presumably for herself):

demons Demon possession is a reality that no one tries to dismiss as impossible, pre-enlightened thought or mental illness. Spiritual warfare is real and engaged in appropriately by preaching, teaching and confessing Jesus as Lord over life and death, this world and the next, Crucified and Risen. [The Africans] don’t mess with the truth. We now are the ones sorely in need of such missionaries and evangelists in this emerging pagan land.

Brimming with false modesty, Clark insisted her rant was not about herself …

who am I to protest? … I am just a country pastor … [leader of] a lowly group of Christian, Lutheran confessors … I am nothing. I am no one. I have been treated as such by you and yours. How dare I question you and your ways? Who am I to question your judgment, your leadership? You have power. You have position. You have international voice and exposure. I have none of those and for that I thank God, literally, because they would perhaps tempt me to believe that any of this was about “me” or my importance or my personal opinions.

but, she quickly revealed her self-righteous arrogance:

A word of caution: don’t continue to make the mistake of underestimating what and whom it is you oppose with your words and deeds. It is not me. It is not WordAlone or LCMC or LCORE. You are at odds with the only “Head” and “Shepherd” the true Christian Church has ever had.

In an ironic twist of unintended self-condemnation directed at Hanson but apropos of her own schismatic organization that foments internal strife and disunion:

the ELCA has become embroiled in the worst internal conflict in its history. Congregations and members have become like sheep without a shepherd, scattered and led astray. That is not the work of the Good Shepherd but of His temporal adversary, the Wolf in sheep’s clothing and his hirelings.

Can I hear an amen, sister?

I am mindful of the lesson taught by my legal mentor during a trial many years ago when our opponent destroyed his own case with an angry, ranting, convoluted final argument.  When I leaned over and asked my mentor why he didn’t object to the falsehoods and innuendo offered by the other attorney, my boss just smiled and whispered “he’s making a much better argument for our case than I possibly could.” 

In the spirit of hoist on her own petard, I invite you to read Clark’s WordAlone tirade in its bombastic entirety.