Long Range Reconnaissance Patrols of Viet Nam

Wikipedia offers this information about LRRPs:

Long Range Reconnaissance Patrols, or LRRPs (pronounced “lurp”), were special small four to six-man teams in the Vietnam War on highly dangerous special reconnaissance missions deep into enemy territory … American General William Westmoreland ordered the formation of a Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol (LRRP) unit in each infantry brigade …  By 1967, formal LRRP companies were organized, some having two platoons, each with eight six-man patrols. Training was notoriously rigorous … Beginning in February 1969, all LRRPs were folded into the newly-formed 75th Ranger Regiment, bringing back operational Ranger units for the first time since Korea.

This website contains photos, anecdotes, comments, links  and more relating especially  to those LRRPs that operated in the Central Highlands of Viet Nam because that was the personal experience of the webmaster, Robert Holmen, aka Obie Holmen, aka Sgt. Holmen of K Company, 75th Infantry.  Comments are welcome in the blog section, and information about all things LRRP will be appreciated. 

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