Elijah Fire

Installment 5 is called Elijah Fire.

Elijah is the Old Testament prophet who called fire down upon his enemies, and the following verse serves as the epigraph to this short story:

If I am a man of God, let fire come down from heaven and consume you and your fifty. 2nd Kings 1:10

Four-man LRRP teams relied primarily on stealth and subterfuge, and when that failed, they had meager firepower consisting of small arms and hand grenades.  But through radio contact with base, the LRRPs could call in their own version of hellfire–artillery rounds, Phantom Jets, and helicopter gunships.  Elijah Fire contains short vignettes with examples of each, but they are framed at the beginning and end of with what seems to be a horrible mistake–the six-thousand-round per minute Cobra miniguns opening fire on a LRRP position.

They shot my fucking legs off!

With this jolting first line, the story begins.

Elijah Fire may be purchased as a standalone eBook for $2.99 or all five short stories may be purchased together in a compilation called Prowl as either an eBook ($6.99) or a paperback ($9.95). Any and all eBook formats of Elijah Fire may be purchased and downloaded directly from the publisher or from Amazon and other online bookstores.


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Elijah Fire

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