Cat Quiet

The third installment in the series is entitled Cat Quiet. The pervasive theme is the cat-like stealth necessary for the LRRP team’s safety.

Survival depended upon stealth. The black and brown stripes smeared across our faces matched our tiger fatigues, and we prowled silently and slowly. Unseen and unheard, we would be hunter and not hunted.

The LRRP team moved surreptiously to an ideal night location, a tip of a mountain plateau that offered a panoramic vantage point of the valley below.  Author Holmen’s skill at recreating scene and setting is again on full display, and the reader is invited into a first person experience, a vicarious participation in the story.

By the time we had finished our meal of freeze-dried LRRP rations, the western sky was a palette of pinks and purples.  I enjoyed a languorous last smoke, and when I snuffed out my Kool, the first stars had appeared.

But not all is as it seems, and the short story ends with a pair of surprising twists.

Cat Quiet may be purchased as a standalone eBook for $2.99 or all five short stories may be purchased together in a compilation called Prowl as either an eBook ($6.99) or a paperback ($9.95). Any and all eBook formats of Cat Quiet may be purchased and downloaded directly from the publisher or from Amazon and other online bookstores.


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